From riding offline to selling online

With a genuine interest and active participation in the motorcycle industry, a team of business-oriented riders and a global business model, Pierce has become the European market leader within e-commerce for Riders.

How did Pierce become the destination for Riders in Europe?
We believe it is the same pioneering spirit that the namesake and motorcycle builder Pierce Cycle Company from 1907 who built the first motorcycle with 4 cylinders possessed!

It started in a garage in 2008 and with 2 business-minded dirt bike riders. They grew tired of trying to find parts and equipment in the jungle of brands and suppliers in the world. It was expensive and time-consuming, so they began stocking up on parts and equipment for themselves and for other riders. It turned out to be a success and 2009 they started Pierce and launched 24MX that now has become a hub for all the MX and Enduro-riders in Europe and a well-known online-shop for all the riders in the world.

The Pierce family grew so the year 2013 XLMOTO and Sledstore were launched. XLMOTO with focus on equipment and accessories for on-road riders and Sledstore for snowmobile riders.

Click here to listen to our CEO, Henrik Zadig, and learn more about our history in a podcast from “Le WimLex Show – E-Commerce Movers & Shakers”.




2 business-minded dirt bike riders, Stefan Rönn & Daniel Petersen, started to throw ideas in a garage in 2008


24MX was Launched

In 2009, Stefan & Daniel founded Pierce and launched 24MX in Sweden and 24MX was immediately well received in the Swedish Motocross community


Internationalization started

Pierce’s journey to become Europe’s largest E-tailer for Riders started with 24MX in Finland. Think globally, act locally is a strategy that has been adopted since the beginning.


XLMOTO was Launched

The Pierce family grew and in 2013 we launched XLMOTO with focus on equipment and accessories for onroad riders.


Sledstore was Launched

In 2013 we also launched Sledstore to take on the Nordic Snowmobile audience. Sledstore quickly grew and are today the biggest online player in the Nordic region for snowmobile equipment.


Pierce Distribution Center was opened

Pierce Distribution Center in Stettin, Poland was opened. A strategic location to serve all of our European customers in an efficient way.


600MSEK+/€60M+ Sales

The 500MSEK/€50M milestone was crushed by 20% in 2017 after a couple of successful years of European expansion.


First M&A finalized

We acquired Motobuykers, a spanish online retailer, and we are now seeing a fantastic growth in Spain.


1200MSEK+/€120M+ Sales

We doubled our business in two years and crushed the 1000 MSEK/€100M milestone after a huge growth throughout Europe. Again the milestone was crushed by over 20%


Global Sales

24MX & XLMOTO went global! Riders around the whole globe can finally shop from us.


Riding into Nasdaq Stockholm

On March 26 2021 we listed our shares on the main market at Nasdaq Stockholm. Not bad for a company that was founded in a basement garage outside Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. The ride just got even more exciting!