At Pierce we have approached the sustainability theme like any other part of our business – with passion and enthusiasm. We have developed a sustainability framework to set a bold vision which we refer to as #SustainablePIERCE.

Our #SustainablePIERCE framework is made up of four components: Doing Right, All In, Green Cargo and Eco Moto. We are working hard with suppliers and employees to safeguard diversity, inclusion, health and safety (Doing Right). We are taking steps to enable all our personnel, suppliers and customers to live their passion (All in). We are driving continuous improvements in our logistics operation from an environmental perspective (Green Cargo) and we are exploring opportunities to contributing more to the circular economy with greener and innovative solutions (Eco Moto).

Our four components (Doing right, All in, Green cargo and Eco moto) are in line with the United Nations Program of Action for Sustainable Development that encompasses 17 global goals that nations are collectively urged to eliminate extreme poverty and foster sustainable development, giving equal consideration to the environment, the economy, and the well-being of people.