Nomination Committee appointed in Pierce Group AB (publ)

In accordance with the Annual General Meeting’s resolution, the Chairman of the Board is tasked with forming a Nomination Committee with three members by convening representatives for the largest shareholders of the company, based on the number of shares and votes known to be held as at the end of August 2022.

Following contacts with the company’s shareholders, the following members have been appointed:

  • Jacob Wiström (Chairman), appointed by Verdane Capital XI Investments AB
  • Suzanne Sandler, appointed by Procuritas Capital Partners V LP
  • Arne Lööw, appointed by Fjärde AP-fonden

In addition, the Chairman of the Board is an adjunct member of the Nomination Committee.

The shareholders who have appointed the Nomination Committee members represent approximately 61.3 per cent of the votes and shares in the company.

The tasks of the Nomination Committee, the guidelines for how its members are appointed and more information about the Annual General Meeting
is available on the company’s website;

Shareholders are welcome to submit suggestions and proposals to the Nomination Committee no later than 31 December 2022 via e-mail to

The Nomination Committee’s proposals will be presented in the notice to the Annual General Meeting 2023 and on the company’s website. 

For further information, please contact:
Nicolas Norlin, Head of Legal
+46 73 822 37 21