Increased number of shares and votes in Pierce Group

The number of shares and votes in Pierce Group AB (publ) (“Pierce” or the “Company”) has increased as a result of a new share issue of 5,468,750 shares carried out in connection with the listing of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm 26 March 2021.

As of 31 March 2021, the total number of shares and votes in Pierce amount to 39,152,450 shares and votes.

For further information please contact:

Henrik Zadig, CEO
Tel: +46 (0)73 146 1415

Tomas Ljunglöf, CFO
Tel: +46 (0)73 378 01 54
About Pierce

Pierce is a leading and fast-growing e-commerce company selling gear, spare parts, accessories and streetwear to riders across all of Europe through the online stores 24MX, XLMOTO and Sledstore via some forty websites adapted to the local markets. Pierce has two major segments targeting two different customer groups, Offroad – sales to motocross and endure riders, and Onroad – sales to riders on paved roads and tracks. Pierce also has a smaller segment, Other, which primarily focuses on sales to snowmobile riders. With a large and unique product assortment, including a number of its own brands, an excellent customer experience and attractive prices, Pierce is changing the motorcycle enthusiast market in Europe. The headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden, the central warehouse is located in Szczecin, Poland, and the major portion of the customer support service is located in Barcelona, Spain. The Company has approximately 400 employees.