At Pierce we have approached the sustainability theme like any other part of our business – with passion and enthusiasm. We have developed a sustainability framework to set a bold vision which we refer to as #SustainablePIERCE.

Our #SustainablePIERCE framework is made up of four components: Doing Right, All In, Green Cargo and Eco Moto. We are working hard with suppliers and employees to safeguard diversity, ethics and fundamental respect for human rights (Doing Right). We are taking steps to enable all our personnel, suppliers and customers to live their passion (All in). We are driving continuous improvements in our logistics operation from an environmental perspective (Green Cargo) and we are contributing more to the circular economy with green solutions (Eco Moto).

Bold visions and distant targets are good, because they provide orientation and direction. However, what really matters is that we take concrete steps in the here and now to make an impact on our people, our environment and on our business.

You can read more about those concrete steps and our planned initiatives in the latest CSR report.

Sustainability Report 2021
Sustainability Report 2020
Sustainability Report 2019