Bikes save lives – Pierce and The Eezer Initiative partner up  

Pierce has entered into cooperation with The Eezer Initiative ( to support the work to reduce maternal mortality in Africa with Eezer motorcycle ambulances. The aim of the initiative is to develop safe and cost-effective solutions for pregnant mothers in Africa.

- Pierce strives to contribute to society. When we found The Eezer Initiative who are engaged in an important cause, and in a way that is close to our mission of helping riders around the world to improve their bikes and pursue their passion, it was a great match, says Göran Sällvin, Sales & Marketing Director at Pierce.  

- Reducing maternal mortality in the African countryside is an extremely difficult task that requires passion, teamwork and stamina. Our goal is to have 3000 motorcycle ambulances in Africa by 2030. Through the cooperation with Pierce we will be able to connect with the life-affirming community of motorcyclists all over Europe. We believe that together with them we will be able to make an impact on this issue, says Lars Klingsbo, coordinator of the Eezer Initiative. 

In practice this means that as part of our Christmas Sales Campaign anyone can donate to the Eezer Initiative on any XLMOTO or 24MX Site by buying the “Bikes save Lives” sticker for 10 EUR/100 Krona. Every donation will be matched by Pierce and we are hoping to be able to start with funding at least 1 of the “Bike Ambulances” and for that we need 230 Donations.

About The Eezer Initiative

The Eezer Initiative is a network of individuals, organizations and businesses with the shared ambition to reduce maternal mortality rates in rural East and Central Africa by developing motorcycle ambulance services. In remote areas with poor road conditions, this drastically improves the chances of getting to a clinic in time.

At the moment they have 30 units placed with different organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Tchad and Somalia. Some of the organizations that are using the Eezer Motorcycle Ambulance are governmental, others are private.

The ambulances are making a difference for many women and their families. The goal is to have 3000 Eezer ambulances operational in East Africa by the year 2030. It won’t be easy but it will make a real impact!